Top 10 Websites To Buy Ripple Cryptocurrency

By | January 13, 2018

Ripple can essentially be classified as a technology that functions as network for digital payment and as a cryptocurrency at the same time. Ripple was founded by two gentlemen, Chris Larsenand and Jed McCaleb and was used for the first time in 2012. buy ripple cryptocurrency

Understanding Ripple:

The use of Ripple for digital payment protocol exceeds its role as XRP (cryptocurrency). It works on open source as well as peer-to-peer decentralized platform allowing seamless money transfer in all forms, be it bitcoin, litecoin, Yen or USD. Ripple is an improvement on the drawbacks associated with traditional banking. All transactions get settled in a matter of seconds on Ripple network despite the platform being subject to the pressure of frequently way lower than the fees that banks charge for undertaking cross-border payments. handling several million transactions.

In a traditional bank, it would take anytime from days to weeks for completing a single wire transfer. Another advantage of using Ripple is that the fee associated with conducting transactions through Ripple is minimal, and for a standard transaction the minimum transaction cost can be as low as 0.00001 XRP, which is way lower than the fee charged by banks for undertaking cross-border payments.

Top 10 Websites To Buy Ripple Cryptocurrency

Take a look at the following 10 best websites to Buy Ripple cryptocurrency.

1.Kraken– This San Francisco based exchange is considered to be the largest exchange for buying Ripple coin in Euro (liquidity and volume) as well as for trading USD, Canadian dollars, Yen and Pounds.

2. Coincheck– It is among the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in Asia as well as Japan. Coincheck provides leveraged trading (as high as 1:5) in case of certain cryptocurrencies for Yen (vice-versa), and is a great spot for selling/buying service among other services.

3. IQ Option– It has been voted as the most efficient platform for mobile trading, and the company has now expanded its offerings, which includes ETF trading, stock trading and Forex trading along with IQ’s unique product known as Digital Options.

4. GateHub– This site works as a digital wallet for the Ripple, Bitcoin, Ethereum Classic, Augur and Ethereum. GateHub allows its users to send, store as well as exchange all these cryptocurrencies through its built-in exchange system in which the passwords and private keys are encrypted and hashed by incorporating industry standard algorithms that prevents even GateHub from accessing them.

5. Binance– This famous Chinese exchange for cryptocurrency has gained reputation for providing crypto to crypto exchange services.

6. Coinone– This highly reputed Korean exchange for cryptocurrency has established itself as a local player. Ever since its inception in 2014, Coinone has grown solid as a cryptocurrency exchange.

7. Bitstamp– This is a reliable exchange that offers to Buy Ripple cryptocurrency. This platform was developed as an alternative (European) to Mt. Gox (predominant exchange) to provide reliable and secure services to customers ever since 2011.

8. QRYPTOS– The way QRYPTOS works is quite similar to Coinbase. Owned and run by QUOINE Pte. Ltd., QRYPTOS has its offices established in Vietnam, Japan and Singapore.

9. Bitso– This leading Mexican exchange for cryptocurrency allows its users to exchange Ripple, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ether for Pesos (Mexican). Bitso also provides for coin-to-coin trading.

10. BTC Markets– This Australian exchange for cryptocurrency allows trading of Bitcoin (along with other coins such as Ripple) with Australian dollars.

So, you can take your pick and choose buy ripple cryptocurrency from any of the above-mentioned exchanges. However, an in-depth knowledge of the cryptocurrency market and global economy will prove useful in making a wise investment.